Updated: “Election” slipping II

30 11 2016

The two dictatorial generals seem to be in a game of election ping-pong. When a couple of junta types, including General Prawit Wongsuwan, start to talk about “election” delays, General Prayuth Chan-ocha declares his roadmap in place and that there will be an election in 2017. Prawit, reported in the Bangkok Post, has sent his return across the net.

Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit has again “admitted … he could not say for sure if a general election would take place next year, but insisted the government was doing its best to stick to the roadmap.”

Prawit said he “could not rule out unusual circumstances which could head it off course.” His words were: “I really can’t say but we are holding on to it. We’re proceeding with the plan which has procedures and steps. Now we have the charter, so next are the organic laws. Things are so far, so good…”.

He warned: “If the people fully cooperate, things will proceed [as planned]…”.

There’s the rub. The jumpy junta can easily create a little disturbance, blow it up and delay “elections” if it wants. Or they can look around for legal or other reasons for further delays.

The junta has really developed a taste for authoritarian rule. Its like feeding chimps chocolate.

Update: The match is over. Prayuth has agreed with Prawit, albeit a bit testily. The Nation reports that Prayuth agreed that the “election” could be delayed. He said: “The road map is the road map. What would you like it to be? Whether the road map will be changed or not depends on all people, not me… It will depend on domestic and international situations, peace and stability. When will you understand this?” When asked about the road map itself, he got even more snappy, refusing “to confirm whether the road map would remain unchanged,” saying: “I can’t be bothered to answer this kind of boring question…”.



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30 11 2016
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