Release Pai X

1 03 2017

Thailand sinks ever deeper into the monarchist-militarist sludge that passes for a justice system that is incapable of justice.

The Bangkok Post reports that, as expected from this feudal and merciless royalist regime, the so-called Appeals Court has again denied a request for bail for lese majeste victim Jatupat (Pai) Boonpattararaksa.

His lawyers requested bail so Pai “could work with lawyers outside the prison preparing his defence against charges of lese majeste.”

The courts and the military dolts won’t buy that because they know that defending this bogus lese majeste charge is impossible. Pai is being framed because he is an anti-junta activist and because, by keeping him in jail, this is a message to anyone else who dares tell the regime that it is an illegal bunch of military dolts craving wealth, power and royalist belly-scratching.

The report makes this clear when it states:

The Region 4 court backed the Khon Kaen Provincial Court, which had rejected bail requests  filed on behalf of Mr Jatupat … ruling that he had shown no sign of ending his damaging criticism of the country.

By “country” we assume the report means something like king and military dictatorship.

To be clear, this regime is using the judiciary to maintain its rule and the life of one young  student in the northeast means nothing to them. They are prepared to let him rot in a stinking jail. They show no signs that they have hearts or even a sliver of consideration for human and legal rights. They display only power, arrogance and greed.



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