Drought doubt

12 03 2017

A couple of days ago, The Nation had this headline: “No fear of drought this summer.” The story stated:

… water experts ruled out the possibility of a severe drought this year, although they cautioned people to use water wisely.

Today, The Nation has a story titled “King concerned about drought, urged govt to help those in need: Prayut.” In another instance of The Dictator speaking for the king, apparently like a ventriloquist’s dummy:

… the King has raised concern over the current drought situation and ordered the government to do all it can to ease people’s suffering, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has said.

The PM urged the public and agricultural sector to use water more efficiently with the arrival of the dry season.

In order to avoid water shortages, the prime minister asked people in drought-prone areas and those living outside irrigation zones to store water in large containers whenever there is rain.

He said everyone must use water wisely and efficiently so the country can endure the annual dry season.

He also instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and other responsible units to reach out to everyone in need, while giving an assurance that the government would continue to monitor the water situation and has prepared a number of measures including rain-making operations.

As with corruption “investigations,” we are confused by these conflicting reports, this time in the same newspaper.

The king’s concern for “his” people seems not to extend to signing off on the junta’s constitution. Not yet anyway. Perhaps The Dictator is preparing contingency plans there as well such as delaying elections and making more secret changes to the draft charter.



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