Sounding familiar I

30 03 2017

Amphetamines and grenades seem to feature in a few stories of late involving a couple of deaths by military hands and a set of activists. On the latter, does this sound familiar?

Men claiming to be police officers in plainclothes have attempted to block a rally by a civil society group after allegedly finding illicit drugs at the meeting.

On 29 March 2017, about 100 members of the People’s Movement for Just Society (P-Move) gathered at a centre of the Banthat Mountains Land Reform Network in Mueang District of the southern province of Trang. The meeting was held as the group planned to travel to Government House in Bangkok on 30 March.

As the meeting started, four men wearing something similar to police uniforms intervened to inquire about the purpose of the gathering.

During the questioning, one of the men later shouted ‘whose methamphetamine pills are those’ and lifted a plastic bag which allegedly contained the illicit pills to show to meeting participants.

Really, has the junta issued an instruction book on how to incriminate activists and others?

We expect there will soon be claims that these were fake cops.



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