Observing the puppets

31 03 2017

Since the military dictatorship established its National Legislative Assembly of the Unusually Rich and Other Puppets, we have been critical of it.

“Critical” is probably the wrong word for we have been dismissive of it. It is not “national” in that it is unrepresentative. Indeed, if it needs emphasis, it is unelected. Worse, it is not an “assembly” that does anything related to legislation.

Rather, it simply does as the junta orders. Legislative decisions are made by the junta. Nothing is ever debated, just agreed. It is an assembly of well-rewarded puppets.

This was again emphasized in the fiasco over the murky petroleum bill and the still not removed provision to set up a national oil corporation. (The provision is annexed “for study.”)

In the voting, the NLA managed yet another almost unanimous decision with 227 voting to pass the petroleum bill on its third reading and one against it. Who is that one hold-out against the The Dictator’s will?

We suppose the best that can be said of the sham Assembly is that the one hold-out distinguishes it just a tiny bit – say by 0.004% – from the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly.