Further updated: Another junta “plot” unmasked

12 04 2017

Remember that dastardly plot to bring down the junta. The one where the junta’s spokesman, Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd revealed a wicked conspiracy involving a supposedly bogus “set of nine restrictions for the Songkran holiday…”. These restrictions “prohibited Songkran revellers from wearing tight and revealing clothes and using high-pressure water guns and hoses…”.

Lt Gen Sansern cried: “Some groups want to discredit the government by linking these [alleged nine restrictions] with the new traffic regulations and a ban on water throwing on [main] roads.”

Turns out that the rules are there, referred to as “curbs” by the Bangkok Post, they include most of the items included in the “bogus” list.

At least that’s one junta “crime” solved.

Update 1: Over the Songkhran holiday, PPT is going to reduced posting as we head off upcountry. We will, however, post significant stories. We can already see a couple we will have to post early tomorrow GMT.

Update 2: A reader reckoned we were being a little too gullible accepting online “false news.” Nope. We have added a picture taken today. It is from the junta’s puppet Bangkok Administration.