17 04 2017

Connections? Links?

The king has gone to Germany, again.

Military puppet Meechai Ruchupan has stated that there “is still more than one year that the government and National Council for Peace and Order [he means the military junta] have to work and they should be able to resort to ‘their existing work mechanism’…”.  He means draconian Article 44 and its unbridled use.

He also means that the new constitution can and should be ignored.

The 1932 plaque has been removed. That was an act of political vandalism.It was a signal to ignore constitutionalism and put faith in the king.

The importance of the plaque is covered by Khaosod. Descendants of the People’s Party want to know why the plaque was removed and who removed it.

Andrew MacGregor Marshall and many others have posted photos that purport to show something going on at the site of the plaque in the dead of night a few days ago.

As far as we can tell, the military junta has said nothing about the plaque.

Links? Connections?



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