Military court for lese majeste case

19 04 2017

Sarawut (surname withheld), 32, is an optometrist in Chiang Rai was charged with lese majeste before a military court, accused of defaming Prince Vajiralongkorn, now king.

He was detained 0n 11 October 2016 for lese majeste and computer crimes.

Initially denied bail, he later received it some three months later when his lawyer told the court that his client has to take care of his young sons.

The investigation of Sarawut’s case began when soldiers from the 37th Military Circle of Chiang Rai filed a complaint under Article 112 against Sarawut on 21 July 2016.

When Sarawut again appeared before a military court on 7 February 2017, he vowed to prove his innocence.

As the trial slowly moves forward, Prachatai reports that on 11 April 2017, the Chiang Rai Military Court scheduled the first examination of witnesses in this case. The trial will hear 10 prosecution witnesses and four witnesses will testify for the defendant. The first hearing will begin on 12 June 2017.