Chaiyapoom’s extrajudicial killing

23 04 2017

The Nation reports that Chiang Mai Police deputy commander Pol Colonel Mongkol Samparaphon says his “investigators” are “close to finishing the gathering of evidence” in the case of the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom  Pasae.

The policeman claims “almost all witnesses had been questioned and the final results of the autopsy had been delivered.” He adds: “… I can assure [the public] that the police have gathered many good pieces of evidence…”.

But not the CCTV evidence that The Nation described as “the prime evidence in the case, [which] still has not been handed over to police.” Readers may recall that 3rd Region Army chief Lt Gen Vijak Siribansop lied when he declared ages ago that the military had already sent the CCTV footage to the police. Or perhaps the police lie when they say they haven’t got it. Or perhaps the police and the military collude to ensure impunity for state murderers.

Centre for Protection and Revival of Local Community Rights (CPCR) director Sumitchai Hattasan disputed all that the policeman claimed. He also stated that witnesses were fearful because “interviews given by senior figures in defence of the soldier who pulled the trigger.” He means the junta and powerful and dangerous military figures.

Of course the jolly Pol Colonel Mongkol lied when he “said there had not been any threats against witnesses and authorities could ensure their safety.”