The stolen history 6

10 05 2017

Both Prachatai and Khaosod have further details on some of the six persons arrested in late April and accused of lese majeste for apparently sharing a Facebook post “written by an academic blacklisted by the junta.” It remains unclear how sharing the post is against the law except that it is deemed to involve lese majeste.

The articles contradict each other and the Khaosod article is internally contradictory regarding the anonymity requested or not requested by those arrested. Because of that, PPT will just point our readers to the two stories. It is also unclear – at least to us – exactly what the men are alleged to have shared, except that it seems to have to do with

What is clear is that most of those arrested appear to be political activists.

It also strikes us that there seems to be greater secrecy surrounding these men than with previous lese majeste cases. We are guessing that this is another change of political climate that may reflect the requirements under the new reign.



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