Facebook to be blocked?

15 05 2017

The Bangkok Post reports that the the junta is pressuring ISPs to cut off Facebook on Tuesday morning. The report states:

The Thai Internet Service Provider Association (Tispa) says it is under government pressure to immediately shut down the all access to Facebook as early as Tuesday morning, over the social medium’s refusal to take down every post dictated.

Tispa said it could disconnect the content delivery network (CDN) originating Facebook’s server if the social media giant fails to meet Tuesday’s 10am deadline set by the government to remove illicit URLs or posts from its site.

All of this to prevent information about the king reaching the Thai people via social media. As the report states:

This would be a massive escalation of the battle over what the government has declared illegal posts on the internet, especially web pages and social media posts deemed to have defamed the high institution [they mean the monarchy].

More than 200 of the 309 pages nominated by the junta as “offending” have already been removed by Facebook.