Ying Kai gets 15 years on lese majeste

7 06 2017

It has been some time since much has been heard about the so-called Ying Kai case. That case continues while spinning off four other lese majeste cases. Last November we provided a summary.

The last we heard of Monta (or Montra) Yokrattanakan’s case was when she appeared in court on 29 September 2016 on a lese majeste charge and her court date was set for 6 June 2017.

The Bangkok Post now reports that the Criminal Court on 6 June 2017 “sentenced Monta Yokrattanakan aka Ying Kai to seven years and six months in jail for lese majeste in claiming to be a royally appointed khunying (lady) and have a close connection to the palace.” Prosecutors “told the court that from May 2012 to August 2013 Monta had claimed on three occasions to be khunying and knew people in high places.”

She had initially denied the lese majeste charges. However, when she appeared in court, like so many others with lese majeste charges, “Monta told the court that she changed her mind and wanted to plead guilty in the case, so the court gave its ruling.”

It sentenced her to 15 years jail. However, the “confession prompted the court to commute the jail term for her three lese majeste offences … to seven years and six months.”

Monta was also charged with human trafficking. It is unclear what has happened to those charges.

This is just one of dozens of cases where lese majeste charges have been brought against persons accused of “misusing” royal connections. The most spectacular set of cases involved the jailing of the family of King – then Prince – Vajiralongkorn’s former wife Srirasmi in late 2014.