One more privy councilor

11 06 2017

We know that we are late in posting this event from about 4-5 days ago and that many will have seen it. Yet the appointment of a virtual unknown to the Privy Council deserves mention.

Section 12 of the junta’s 2017 constitution allows for 18 privy councilors.

Last Thursday Vajiralongkorn appointed “the 14th member of his personal advisory body…”.

Admiral Pongthep Nhuthep is not particularly well-known. As the report states, “Pongthep held a relatively low profile post prior to Thursday’s appointment.”

Before his appointment, Pongthep was “a permanent secretary to the defense ministry…”. His “past jobs were all in the navy, including directing the naval academy, serving as a special navy adviser and serving as navy chief of staff. Compared to other members, he hasn’t served at … levels such as commanding a branch of the armed forces or heading a ministry.”



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