Childish Dictator

22 06 2017

The Dictator often has tantrums, likes being heard, shouts other down and bullies others. If those sounds a bit like a schoolyard bully, then you are getting an idea about General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s psychological disposition. Of course, he’s far more dangerous than your average school bully, having control of a huge gang of thugs (the RTA) and lots of weapons.

Prayuth as bully

His most recent outing has seen him acting even more like a child by yelling “shut up” you guys. I can’t accept this challenge. The king of the playground is a lot like a pre-teenager telling his enemies to say these things in Thailand. Face the music here he dares them.

According to the Bangkok Post, The Dictator has “lost patience with critics ‘scolding’ the military government from abroad…”. Of course, like a pudgy schoolkid, he’s got it wrong. The “critics” tend to focus on the monarchy, not his military junta.

Unfortunately, his childishness has produced equally childish responses. We think it far better to keep needling Prayuth, exposing the regime’s brutishness, plans and corruption. It clearly bothers him. More importantly, opponents need to organize and get rid of this bunch of useless thugs.