What went wrong in 2475?

26 06 2017

There’s been a lot of discussion about 1932/2475 and what went wrong and what went right. One of the big questions asked is whether 85 years is a long time to wait for electoral democracy.

Academics can debate all kinds of things about 2475. How was it that a military faction gained the ascendancy?What was the commitment to democracy and equality? And so on.

But the real issue that needs to be recognized is that the People’s Party proved unable to rid itself of the royal family and royalists.

The path to a new society – and, yes, we do benefit from hindsight – is to establish a republic. Notice that we use the present tense.

Getting rid of royals and their hangers-on is arguably far more difficult now than it was in 2475, because the failure then has allowed them to be stronger now.

If the history of the royalist re-establishment is considered, it is clear that the royalists were far less squeamish in dealing with their foes than were the progressives of 2475. Today, as they have been over the last 85 years, royalists are vicious and retributive.