On the campaign trail

29 06 2017

The military junta continues to campaign for its dictatorship, now and into the future, when it chooses to hold an “election.”

The Bangkok Post reports that, unlike political parties that are banned from campaigning, the dictatorship is sending out teams of uniformed soldiers to campaign for the junta.

We note in passing that the soldiers are paid by taxpayers who now foot the bill, not just for corruption in the junta, commissions on arms deals, salaries for puppet assemblies and agencies and vanity and royal posterior polishing projects, but for electoral campaigning.

The Post report tells of “Army speakers … being sent to provinces nationwide to give seminars promoting love of the nation, royalty and the military…”. There are to be 12 campaign teams touring the country.

They are not your average teams. They are drawn from the “Special Warfare Command and the Army Air Defence Command.” As we have long said, the military has little to do in terms of normal defense (the south excepted) and is focused on the repression of political opponents. Psychological warfare was pioneered for the Thai military by the CIA in the 1950s, and little has changed. (The generals are remarkably conservative and, hence, slow learners. Indeed, they learn little in their training and service apart from which butts to cherish.)

According to one of those conservative and dull generals, Army boss General Chalermchai Sitthisart, says this particular roadshow will “promote national unity and would organise seminars presenting [distorting] Thai history and promoting love for the nation, royalty and the military.”

Note that the nationalist trilogy just changed from the 1920s version of nation, religion, monarchy to a junta preferred nation, monarchy, military.

On the “election” campaign trail

The Army chief was asked if all of this was about a military party being formed to run in the junta’s “election.” He responded, saying “that was a matter for the future.”



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