Repressing red shirts

25 07 2017

The military dictatorship and a gaggle of anti-democrats seems petrified that red shirts are re-mobilizing.

Yet a report at The Nation suggests that the official red shirt capacity for mobilization is limited following more than three years of repression.

This report is about the most recent jailing of red shirt leader Jatuporn Promphan. He’s just the “latest – and most senior – red-shirt leader to be sent to jail, and this seems to be further weakening the movement.”

The report states that “at least 12 leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) had been sentenced to imprisonment in separate cases. Some of them are serving time in prison while others have appealed the court verdicts against them and have been released on bail.”

The Supreme Court sentenced Jatuporn to a year in jail for “defaming” former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. At the time, we commented that despite two courts rejecting accusations against him, the junta’s more politically predictable Supreme Court jailed red shirt leader.

As we noted, plenty on Abhisit’s side of politics were able to defame red shirt leaders and their supporters and used state power to murder dozens of them, but it is Jatuporn who has been jailed.

The military and the royalist elite fear Jatuporn because he is a powerful orator and organizer. They have jailed him several times in recent years. The Nation states that this jailing is “the fourth time he has been put behind bars over the past decade.”

A search of our many posts on Jatuporn shows how dogged his opponents in high places have been. The Dictator has been keen to have in in jail over the past decade.

Since its coup in 2014, the military dictatorship set itself the task of destroying the official red shirts.



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