Now for the next 20 years…

1 08 2017

The well-paid puppet National Reform Steering Assembly members have finished their work assigned by the military dictatorship.

Its final meeting was addressed by The Dictator. As he “received” its final report, he praised his men (and a few women) for their diligence in doing his bidding. The Assembly was essentially a committee of military and bureaucratic minions and a few of the usual faces associated with regressive royalist “reform.”

General Prayuth Chan-ocha claimed that their report, demanding “reform” in 190 areas over 20 years, had “stakeholder” inputs. He means the military, bureaucracy, business and royalists anti-democrats provided some suggestions.

Prayuth is reported to have “stressed the 20-year strategic plan must be carried out along with national reform…”. Oddly, he insisted that the “plan is not designed to control governments. These are tools for driving the country forward…”.

We assume he means that the military is expected to be the enforcer of “reform” into the future. Governments not directly controlled by the military will presumably be threatened by the military.

Essentially, “reform” is meant to limit elected politicians. While other countries have checks and balances, Thailand’s military dictatorship favors barriers and imbalance, with unelected anti-democrats and royalists actually running the show.



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