Red Bull in reverse

16 09 2017

We have to admit some surprise that the Red Bull-affiliated Khon Kaen land grab has been wound back so quickly. (While locals have opposed the land grant since 2012, it was only last week that the deal became big news.)

The Bangkok Post reports that “KTD Property Development Co had terminated the contract to use the plot at Huay Mek in tambon Ban Dong in Ubonrat district … [on] Friday…”.

Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda and local and provincial authorities came under heavy pressure on what was clearly a contract issued to the privileged in contravention of laws.

Anupong has also come under pressure on his blimp deal from several years ago.

Despite claims within the local, provincial and central administration that the deal was all legal and followed the correct processes, including local consultation, local residents “stood firm on their contention that they had not signed any letter to show their support for the lease of 31 rai of public land.”

General Anupong had earlier said there would be an inquiry “into the role of ministry officials involved in granting the permit to KTD Property Development.”

Let’s see if that “investigation” goes anywhere. No investigation of junta misdeeds have ever found errors or crimes.

We get the feeling that the junta and Anupong feel the need to avoid multiple accusations against him and links being made to the Red Bull fugitive. The other consideration is that junta’s campaigning.