PAD and its bill

23 09 2017

As posted just a couple of days ago, the rightist/royalist People’s Alliance for Democracy has been ordered to pay to the Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) for damage caused by its occupations of Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports in late 2008. PAD’s co-leaders were assessed as causing damages worth 522 million baht.

In that short post we suggested some reasons for skepticism on the order. The Bangkok Post now reports that PAD’s key members “will hold a meeting to discuss the compensation order.”

Suriyasai Katasila, a former PAD coordinator babbled that “the group respects the court’s ruling and is ready to face the consequences,” but then contradicted that, stating: “I still think what we did was for the public good. We were fighting against a fraudulent government at that time…”. He said the core PAD members would discuss the issue and case with their lawyers, adding that the “process of negotiating with the AoT, … as well as the legal execution and bankruptcy declaration ‘could take years’.”

His position was echoed by Maleerat Kaewka, another key PAD member, Who declared “she does not regret participating in the protest.” If she must pay, she “said she is ready for a bankruptcy filing if required but insisted that if the AoT wants to negotiate the level of compensation she is ready to do so.” Reflecting this defiance, which would land red shirts in jail for contempt, she declared: “I am ready to fight all kinds of injustice…”.

Another out for the PAD leaders was to have its supporters, many of them very well-heeled,”set up a fund to help cover the damages…”. Whatever happens, PAD remains undaunted and ever ready for a fight. The authorities remain wary of damaging them and supporters as they know they may again need their support.