Yellow finger pointing

25 09 2017

Reading social media and the mainstream press over the past couple of days it seems that the only news is the story of how Yingluck Shinawatra “escaped” from Thailand.

While the military junta is apparently unable to confirm that she did leave the country or where she is, it has been drip-feeding information regarding the alleged police role in her “escape.”

Interestingly, it has been the yellow shirts who have been most skeptical of the regime’s evolving account. It is their pressure that has caused the junta to replace the head of the “investigation” even as it has just begun.

Suriyasai Katasila, a People’s Alliance for Democracy leader who now passes himself off as an academic administrator at the deeply yellow Rangsit University, has questioned the credibility of the “investigation.”

He demands that the junta “ensure that the truth is uncovered by credible investigators.” Reflecting the yellow view that the police force harbors Thaksinites, he wants “other security and related agencies … appointed to take charge of the investigation since police investigators alone were not sufficient to give it credibility.”

Like many others, Suriyasai thinks the junta helped Yingluck “flee,” saying “high-level authorities were responsible for tacitly approving Yingluck’s efforts to flee and police investigators appear to be taking the case too lightly.”

Suriyasai warned that “[i]f the case was not handled seriously, the government and NCPO would be seen as conspiring with other interest groups to cheat the justice system…”.

It will be interesting to observe whether the replacement of of the chief investigator with another policeman satisfies the yellow shirts. The case is important for them in “demonstrating” that the so-called Thaksin regime is being uprooted from the police.