Prayuth’s plans

26 09 2017

The Dictator has been on the political campaign trail. He’s been populist, localist, globalist and talkative. It is clear that he’s planning for a long-term political career and plenty of flunkies are polishing his political posterior.

Most of the military regime has been reluctant to fly General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s political flag, worrying about negative reactions to the junta that may open a door for those evil (formerly elected) politicians to rattle the junta’s cage. Every now and again The Dictator denies ambitions and says his junta is “temporary.”

That reluctance seems to be wearing off as the political campaigning has deepened and as The Dictator comes to the view that he might just be able to pull off the transition from military commander to junta leader, to dictator and PM, and finally to constitutional premier (of course, the constitution has been doctored by The Dictator and his hirelings).

Most recently, Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan has been quoted as declaring that: “If he [Prayuth] wants to remain in politics, he must apply to stand in the election…”.

This is interesting for admitting that The Dictator might stay on but is wrong on other counts. First, if Prawit means the next election – whenever the junta decides to allow it, under its rules and influence – we understand that the 2017 constitution requires resignation from the junta within three months of the promulgation of the constitution, and that time limit has long passed (sections 263 and 264). Second, to overcome this, Prayuth can be selected as premier under the terms of the constitution. That seems to be his preferred path and it remans to be seen if he will establish a party to promote his “special” candidature.

We can imagine a pro-military party campaigning, declaring a vote for it is a vote for The Dictator to continue as premier.