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15 10 2017

We posted recently on VPNs.

A reader suggested another way of using VPNs. PPT can’t vouch for any of these suggestions as we have only tried add-on VPNs for Firefox and Chrome.

Readers in Thailand should search for more information on VPNs and evaluate them. They should also continue to be careful about their internet connections. Although more than a year old now, this guide for journalists may assist some readers.

Our reader suggested that those who just need ad-hoc VPN capability may want to consider installing the Opera browser as an additional browser for their desktop/notebook /tablet, since it incorporates  a number of useful security features, which include a built-in ad blocker and a VPN (provided by SurfEasy Inc., based in Canada), which is accessed when needed in the “Privacy and Security” section of Settings.

In a brief test (not by PPT) SurfEasy free offered several locations for non-Thailand IP access and reasonably efficient speeds for a “free” VPN service; a subscription service is available, which offers better speeds and location options.

Opera software is available for Windows, at ; Mac’s, at ; and Linux, at .

The software is available in “Stable”, “Beta” and “Developer” options; “Stable” has been relatively error-free while “Beta” and “Developer” provide wider ranges of options albeit with the occasional glitch and periodic updates/patches.

A  subscription VPN extension for Opera/ Chrome/ FireFox that has proved to be stable and memory-efficient under Thai conditions is ZenMate < >, which is based in Berlin and thus provides security in line with German law.



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