No dissent allowed

29 10 2017

Just before the funeral for the dead king, PPT posted on a story about iconoclastic former lese majeste convict Akechai Hongkangwarn and his statement that he refused to wear black as was required by the regime.

Akechai “said it was not about disrespecting the [dead] king but exercising his rights.” He was viciously attacked by royalists and confronted by a squad of uniformed military thugs.

The military eventually took him away from Bangkok, to Kanchanaburi province, by the military. As he was not formally arrested, this was essentially an abduction.

Khaosod reports that Akechai now says he was injured while being taken into custody for four nights in military detention and that he will take legal action.

He will “file a complaint against three soldiers he said caused him to fall and suffer scratches on his arm while dragging him away Tuesday.”

The regime was so desperate for the funeral to proceed smoothly and as a propaganda exercise that a single dissident voice was not permitted.

Next is the coronation, which will be equally important for the junta, so expect more repression.



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