Fake news/junta lies

24 11 2017

Our last post was about The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha using Article 44 “to amend the internal security legislation and set up a security ‘super board’ to help the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) deal with domestic threats.”

As we noted, ISOC has already been expanded, strengthened and made central to all the repression under the military dictatorship.

Readers might also remember a post on The Dictator ranting about media that “distort facts” and disseminate “fake reports and hate speech.”

Linking the two is easy because it is the junta itself that “distorts facts,” and that’s being polite. In fact, it simply concocts “news” and lies regularly.

The latest is that claim that the expansion of ISOC’s control is not “politically motivated.” By that, its seems that ISOC spokesman Major General Peerawach Saengthong means “the move has nothing to do with the upcoming general election slated for next November…”. No, not political at all, just a “part of a long-term security management plan to better handle domestic threats.”

That is, by the junta’s own definitions, anything considered anti-monarchy, anything considered anti-junta and anything associated with the Shinawatra clan, the Puea Thai Party and red shirts.

Notice that Major General Peerawach didn’t say anything about local elections, but it is no accident that these changes are being put in place when there is talk of local elections.

In fact, this move is just one more act in the military’s establishment of its dominance over politics into the future. ISOC has always interfered in politics; in fact, that’s its role. So the ISOC and junta claims of the move being apolitical is buffalo manure.



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