Sticky political fingers

3 12 2017

The military junta simply doesn’t want to give up its political power. After the remarkable “discovery” of a small cache of rusty old weapons, the guffaws of political disbelief caused the regime to immediately find some more weapons, sitting in another field just awaiting “discovery.” Noticeably, this cache was bright, shiny and new, as if they had just come out of the Army’s stores.

Of course, these weapons were immediately linked to missing/dead red shirt Wuthipong Kachathamakul or Ko Tee.

And, predictably, the junta had yet another reason for maintaining political repression. Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan, always the first to bark about “delays,” declared that the “country is once again ‘being targeted for an attack’.” Presumably the “attackers” needed some time to clean and polish all “their” rusty arms.

Prawit trumpeted the “find” as fitting with “intelligence” reports that “indicated that ‘some movements’ had started, which could make it difficult to lift its ban on political activity.”

Blah, blah, blah. This is errant nonsense. And that’s not just us but the view of Bangkok Post Editor Umesh Pandey and several political parties. As Umesh says, “[o]nce again the military government seems to be finding every excuse to try to curtail political parties…”.

It is more than this, though. This is a regime that has set the “rules” for politics into the future – and all the rules favor its military politicians – and intends to maintain its direct political stranglehold with its sticky, manicured fingers. Only the overthrow of this regime  can rid the country of these evil dictators and their anti-democratic rules.



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