Pawning bling?

31 12 2017

Fourth Army commander Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanich has claimed “10 local politicians for allegedly being ‘partly’ responsible for the southern unrest…”. There’s no information on who they are or their party affiliation, but the Army has “talked with them…”.

But never fear for the junta is on top of things.

Deputy Dictator Prawit Wongsuwan, or General Bling, is reported to have “approved a proposal to set up more state-run pawnshops in southern border areas…”.

Lt Gen Piyawat reckons the “idea” for more pawnshops was hatched while he was watching Pawn Stars because “the government has information that some of the assailants carrying out attacks in the deep South critically needed money to pay for their children’s schooling at the start of a new school term.” He claimed “[m]ore pawnshops could provide short-term solutions for those who desperately need cash.”

We think Prawit needs more places to pawn his large collection of luxurious watches.



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