Bling, buddies and bosses

9 01 2018

It is no coincidence that the junta’s efforts to block URLs it doesn’t like have peaked exactly when it is under scrutiny. To be more precise, when Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan is under scrutiny.

Just over a month ago, as Prawit’s extensive collection of very expensive watches began to be exposed on social media, censorship went into overdrive. Then the mainstream media picked up the story and has reported the rapidly growing list of watches and expensive jewels worn by the general. (He has a stash of heavy gold jewelry as well, but that has seen little attention to date).

Then the National Anti-Corruption Commission got involved and began spreading a large rug, presumably to sweep the case under it as the public watches agog.

From the beginning it has been reported that NACC president Police General Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit was not just appointed by the junta after having served in the junta following the coup, but is also a close aide of Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwon, younger brother of Gen Prawit.

The NACC and its boss seem intent on demonstrating how nepotism works under the junta.

As the photos of watches and jewelry pile up on a daily basis, the NACC says it “will take until the end of this month or early next month to complete its probe into the luxury watches scandal surrounding … Prawit…”.

Watcharapol has “assured” the public that the NACC will display “professionalism and transparency in the investigation.” He “explained” that the agency’s “decision over this issue will be made by a majority of nine commissioners, not by me. I can’t have influence over other commissioners…”. As he hasn’t recused himself from the case so it can only be assumed that he is influencing the investigation he heads and the decision of the commissioners.

Prawit is likely to get off. This won’t happen if the junta decides that the damage done exceeds the Big Brother’s usefulness to the junta and its post-“election” plans.




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