Cheering Pai, jeering the junta

10 01 2018

Prachatai’s report regarding villagers in Loei continuing fight against gold mining in their area have also “urged the junta not to prolong its power…” includes some evidence of considerable political bravery from the villagers. Remarkably they displayed solidarity with the lese majeste victim Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa “by wearing masks of his face,” as seen in the picture below.

Clipped from Prachatai

Jatuphat and other Dao Din activists supported the villager struggle in the days before the junta jailed Jatuphat and harassed many others.

At their meeting on 7 January 2018, the Wang Saphung villagers announced four aims for 2018:

(1) to permanently close down local mines, (2) to revoke the unfair mining licenses, (3) to coordinate with environmentalists across the country in  proposing people’s environment bill as alternative to the junta’s version and (4) to state a rally titled “Walk for Friendship” from Bangkok to Khon Kaen as a protest to social injustice nationwide.

The statement also urges the junta to cease its effort to maintain power after the election scheduled for November 2018.

On the junta they declared:

This year is an important historical turning point because while the junta tells the international community that the election will happen in this year, the signs of evil have already been spotted. We, therefore, would like to send a good wish to the junta that it should let go its power from the coup and should not plan to prolong power through pro-military parties or a nominee parties….



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