For royalists, “protection” is paramount

11 01 2018

Prachatai has an interview with Pipathanachai Srakawee, President of the Thailand Association of the Blind.

It was Pipathanachai who filed the lese majeste complaint against Nurhayati Masoh that resulted in her conviction. She is also blind.

Pipathanachai claims to have filed the case to protect not just the monarchy, but to”protect” all blind people. By “protect” he means that blind Thais need to be seen as “loyal.”

In seeking to “protect,” Pipathanachai was driven to file his “complaint against her at Chokchai Police Station in Bangkok.” Later, he says, he “sent a copy of my complaint to Yala Governor, who assigned a representative to file a complaint against her.” Even this was not sufficient for “protection.” He explains:

I don’t want this case to be shelved. I kept pushing for progress. At that time, there was the Police Taskforce for the Southern Border Provinces, I called the then-deputy commander, who was assigned to oversee the case. Initially, the police considered not to prosecute her. I told them that she only losses her slight; apart from that, she is similar to a sighted person. The fact that she is blind should not prevent the police from prosecuting her.

I think the police should proceed with the case. I have contacted and requested many high-level officials and figures to prosecute this case. They thought it is a crucial matter. Finally, the public prosecutor ordered a prosecution. I want to see this case being prosecuted. I do not want to file a complaint with the police, only to hear that the case is shelved.

For a man who claims he did not know the woman involved, this mania for “protection” becomes a cruel and driven psychological mania. In the interview he shows no sympathy for Nurhayati as he spouts royalist ideology. Likewise, this President of the Thailand Association of the Blind shows no sympathy for blind and disabled persons who are jailed.

Following the sentencing, his view is that the court has been “too lenient.”

The interview is revealing of the motivations of those royalists who patrol lese majeste.



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