When the military is on top XIII

20 01 2018

There’s been considerable elation in the mainstream media and attention to a promised “election” in November. We did not join that boostering, believing that the junta will seek ways to extend its absolute power and this means delaying an election until it is forced to hold one or it decides the time is right and its clones and proxies can do well.

Well, it seems to have happened again. Another delay seems likely and another “promise” is broken. Of course, anyone who believes any promise by a military dictator is in cloud cuckoo land.

The puppet National Legislative Assembly has “asked” for a delay. An NLA committee has voted to delay the organic law on MP’s election which, in turn, could postpone the junta’s “election” until February 2019.

The Bangkok Post observes: “The NLA’s move is widely viewed as an attempt to delay the election beyond the November schedule to help a new party set up to support the junta get ready, an accusation it denied.” The junta is also likely to delay when it feels a little political pressure, as the Deputy Dictator’s $1.1 million (and counting) watch saga drags on.



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