Updated: Election “delayed,” junta prosecuting

23 01 2018

Junta lackey lawyer Wissanu Krea-ngam – who’s checking his assets declarations? – has more or less confirmed that the junta’s promised “election” will be “postponed.” He added, that this would be only for “a month or so.” Junta elastic is very stretchy.

That can only inflame current political agitation and will bring more attention to critics like the “We Walk, A Walk for Friendship” group that faced off against the junta’s police on the weekend.

The organizers, the People Go Network, are targeting the right to universal health care, the rights of farmers, community and environmental rights and the Constitution, all implicitly critical of the junta.

The Nation reports that the network’s lawyers “are suing the Royal Thai Police and three high-ranking policemen for allegedly disrupting and intimidating the ‘We Walk’ peaceful demonstration and violating people’s right to gather in public.”

They submitted their complaint to the Administrative Court. They asked the “court to order police to facilitate the protesters’ long march and to pay them Bt100,000 as compensation for previous rights violations.”

Not long after, as expected, the junta’s minions filed their own legal case. The organizers of the movement “face charges of violating the junta’s ban on public protests…”. It was an “army officer representing the military [who] filed [the] complaints…”.

Update: We said Wissanu more or less confirmed that the junta’s promised “election” will be “postponed.” The Bangkok Post goes further and says the “delay” is official. Expect politics to now heat up even more.



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