From exile

30 01 2018

Readers should take a look at the translation of Chanoknan Ruamsap’s account of the day she received her lese majeste summons for sharing a BBC Thai profile of King Vajiralongkorn, her decision-making and her flight into exile. Some of it has been available in previous reports, but this narrative is her statement to friends:

When people ask me how I am, my answer is not quite right. A multitude of emotions. Irritated. Angry. Irate. Regretful. Resentful. Frustrated. Disappointed, very disappointed with many people and many things that have taken place. But I am hopeful about the new things entering my life as well.

The junta will not let exiles alone. It usually seeks to bring pressure on them via their friends and family. It is a cruel regime. Cruel in the name of the monarchy.



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