14 02 2018

As tensions rise, the military dictatorship appears to be unraveling while also threatening more dangerous responses.

One part of the unraveling involves the junta’s cabinet. The Dictator has had to be hosing down unguarded (?) comments by Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin who criticized Thailand’s politicians and bureaucrats as lacking ethics. In particular, he singled out the Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan for failing to step down over his still unexplained collection of luxury watches.

Teerakiat is one of the few not military members of cabinet, so he’s something of an outsider. He’s a medical doctor who

received an MD from the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and is a member of the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. He is a Director of Centre for Educational Psychology, Foundation of Virtuous Youth, supported by the Crown Property Bureau….

We wonder who he’s close to in the crown arena. And, as he’s not a dumb, we are guessing that his going out on a political limb must have some upper level support.

Previous unraveling military regimes teach us that it is in these circumstances that they can become dangerous.

While Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is trying to patch up his cabinet, Prachatai tells us that his junta thugs are picking off activists emerging in the provinces, seeking to squeeze off demonstrations of opposition.

The Dictator has also been expressing his frustration and indicating that he is dangerous. He has vowed to “get tough on political agitators, saying all people must be subject to the law.” He added: “Laws are laws. They must be enforced equally…”.

He means everyone except the junta, the murderous military and other junta thugs and the corrupt.

Playing dumb, Prayuth criticized those calling for an election. He said: “I do not know what they want…. They’re trying to take the country backwards … and the government cannot condone it.”

He knows that the protesters are demanding that he stick to his promise of a (rigged) election this year.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a desperate general watching his regime unravel.



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