Lines are being drawn I

15 02 2018

A couple of weeks ago, the Administrative Court handed the activists on the “We Walk” march an important victory when it ruled that the walk to Khon Kaen could continue as it was a peaceful march. The court ruled that it should proceed without interference from the authorities.

Further, the Court on ruled the police should facilitate members of People Go Network to carry on their march.

The police and military have essentially ignored the courtthat’s what lawless regimes do – and while not stopping the march, have persistently harassed walkers and their supporters every single day of the march.

Even while ignoring the court, the junta’s thugs have gone back to the courts to appeal the earlier judgement.

However, the Supreme Administrative Court upheld the lower court’s ruling protecting marchers. Police have again been ordered “not to block or obstruct their gatherings and to provide them with conveniences and security until Saturday, the last day of the march.”

Yet the court also threw the junta a way to block when it said that “if the … activists violated the laws, police could set new conditions, order them to stop or ask the court to put an end to their activities.”

It would seem that the junta could attempt to manufacture a reason to close the walk down.

At the same time, the junta has thrown down the gauntlet to other activists by filing charges against 50 persons who led or participated in the protest at the Democracy Monument on Saturday. The charges range from sedition to “violating the junta’s ban on protests.”

At the same time, the junta continues to separate protesters it considers anti-democrat allies from those opposing the junta. Anti-coal protesters from the south get special treatment, with the junta agreeing to “open to direct talks with hunger strikers opposed to the construction of coal-fired power plants in the south.”

As he urged the arrest and jailing of others, The Dictator has said he is “worried” for the well-being of the anti-coal protesters.



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