Parties bail, activists keep going

19 02 2018

A couple of days ago we posted on the activist “roadmap” on rallies to demand an “election.” In demanding that the junta hold the election it has promised but repeatedly “delayed,” the activists made a call for all political parties to join them.

The spineless politicians from all sides rushed to decline the offer. While some of their excuses sound reasonable, it should also be remembered that political parties have almost never been in the vanguard of political change in Thailand. More often than not they have been resistant to real change or in bringing down military regimes.

Meanwhile, activists held another pro-election rally in Korat.

Activist leader Sirawith Seritiwat said activists would soon host similar activities in other major cities.

The event in Korat “included the distribution of leaflets and was lived-streamed on Facebook, while officials in attendance apparently did not disturb the activities.”

As in the past, activists are leading the political way forward.




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