10 years later

22 02 2018

A decade after the event, 79 mainly southern members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy have been sentenced to jail terms of a few months each, with some suspended. They were charged with “a variety of charges including property damage, breaking and entering and intimidating others” for their “seizing control of a state broadcaster as part of an anti-government campaign…” as PAD sought to bring down the Samak Sundaravej-led elected government.

The gain made in appeasing anti-coal protesters may be undone by this court decision. Yet there seems some kind of political calculation going on in the junta about who its allies are.

As seen in the photo from social media, one of the leaders of the group flashed an anti-military sign as he was taken to prison.

This act reflects the fact that the junta is finds it opposition has expanded to encompass activists on several sides: red, yellow and pro-election groups.



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