Prayuth to sack Prawit

25 02 2018

No, probably not, but anyone reading The Nation could be forgiven for thinking The Dictator is about to sack the Deputy Dictator over his luxury watch scandal.

The report quotes “Sheriff” Prayuth Chan-ocha on his firm policy of not tolerating official corruption:

…[he] would not tolerate “irregularities” by any state officials and those involved would be punished without exception, Government Spokesman Lt-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd said….

The government has clearly announced its policy of suppressing corruption among bureaucrats and public officials….

“Any state official found to be involved, regardless of their seniority, will be punished strictly, without exception,” Sansern quoted the prime minister as saying. “Also, those who neglect irregularities by their subordinates will face disciplinary action.”

What kind of leader says such things and actually does sack officials who have not been found guilty of any crime, but can’t see the contradiction with his own lack of action against his corrupt “brothers”?



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