Respect The Dictator

2 03 2018

Not unlike Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan being unable to get his head around the notion that a bunch of puppet underlings can obsequiously ask for some details about his luxury watches, The Dictator is flummoxed and angry that activists have mocked him.

The military has been sent out to warn “pro-democracy activists against mocking Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha by wearing so-called ‘Yut-nocchio’ masks…”. The military thugs have also demanded that the activists “refrain from public speeches attacking the government [the military junta].”

Spoofing The Dictator now appears to be off limits.

Junta spokesman Maj Gen Piyaphong Klinphan stated: “The organisers must think hard about whether mocking the country’s leader that way is appropriate…”.

Spoofing and mocking leaders are centuries old practices that even included royals before the lese majeste law was so harshly used. But the junta mouthpiece declared “Gen Prayut is a respected figure in society,” saying “it’s not appropriate that they let their imagination go overboard with such parody…”.

Now Gen Prayuth is no shrinking violet and he portrays himself as a tough guy, so why the need to protect him from such antics. We think it has to do with the neo-feudal hierarchies that throwback regimes and royalists have normalized for “modern” Thailand, most especially in the military. The higher-ups demand that underlings and lesser persons know their place.



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