Devil “truth”

6 03 2018

A few days ago, after his brother announced that Suthep Thaugsuban was set to establish a pro-junta charter, Suthep denied it, “insisting that he’s done with parliamentary politics for the rest of his life but remains loyal to the military regime.” At the time he added:

I will not run in election for a Member of Parliament seat. I do want any political office. I will not join any government with anyone. I will not be a prime minister, not a deputy prime minister, not a minister…. I will not even be an executive of any party…. I will not return to politics.

Of course, none of that denied the reports that he’s the driving force behind a pro-junta party being formed by his anti-democrats.

Adding untruths and partial truths, Suthep said the idea for a new political party was his brother’s. Strikingly, he went on to say “he couldn’t say exactly at this stage if he would join it and what role he would take.” So that I will not, I do not was a pile of buffalo manure.

To pile more manure on, he said: “if the ‘people’ clearly announce their intention to form a new party and make it a real party of the people, he will join the movement and support it using his experience of more than 40 years in politics…”.

So he’s being lying. No surprise there. Suthep has 40 years of experience as a political liar, including having lied to his anti-democrat supporters in 2013 about his having ditched parliamentary politics.



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