Get out!

13 03 2018

Pro-election activists have demanded that “the military junta step down, with the government downgraded to caretaker status ahead of the general election.”

AFP reports that “[h]undreds of pro-democracy Thais rallied in Bangkok on Saturday (March 10) to rail against the ruling junta with T-shirts, signs and speeches, as activists grow bolder in their defiance of a ban on protests.”

The demand for a caretaker administration makes sense, although we can’t imagine the military junta giving up the tremendous advantage the control of the state machinery gives pro-junta parties in the junta’s proposed “election.” Military governments in Thailand usually only go when they are pushed.

Several hundred “people gathered at the football field on the Tha Phrachan campus of Thammasat University on Saturday to make the demand.”

When Sirawith Seritiwat states that the junta will hold an election that is free and fair, he might have said that it is more likely to be unfree and unfair.

The demonstrators claimed they were offering the junta “an exit strategy.”

The rally also saw vendors selling “shirts with sly references to a spate of graft scandals that have helped fuel the dissent.” A black leopard was one. Watches were also in evidence. Both pointed to “an entrenched culture of impunity for the kingdom’s wealthy and well-connected.”



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