Updated: Prawit reports

17 03 2018

The Bangkok Post reports that National Anti-Corruption Commission secretary-general Worawit Sookboon states that the Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has “submitted a clarification statement on his luxury watch collection to the National anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) [on] Thursday just before the deadline expired.”

That same NACC secretary-general also said “he had yet to examine it” and “refused to give any more details.” Nor would Gen Prawit comment.

That the diminutive horological fan has submitted a report after four deadlines were extended by the puppet NACC, apparently two deadlines more than it is meant to provide, means very little until details are available. Expect the NACC to dither and dissemble for some time to come.

Update: An editorial at the Bangkok Post excoriates the NACC, but insufficiently. It says the NACC’s cover-up/slow “investigations” of Prawit. It says the NACC “risks” it “credibility.” PPT thinks that is a dubious claim. The NACC lost its credibility some time ago, when it signed up to the junta’s agenda and became an arm of military rule. Even so, the editorial raises several basic issues about this corrupt investigation.