Prawit sticks

23 03 2018

Interestingly, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has responded to a critic.

Thicha Nanakorn recently called on the National Anti-Corruption Commission to get its “investigation” into the luxury watch scandal involving the Deputy Dictator. She also called on him to step down.

Perhaps because Thicha is a former supporter of the junta, Prawit has responded. That response, as expected, was a rejection as he:

brushed aside former National Reform Council (NRC) member and human rights activist Thicha Nanakorn’s call for his resignation over his luxury watch scandal.

Gen Prawit, also defence minister, insisted he would not step down from his post until the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s (NACC) probe found he was guilty.

“I have not been found guilty yet. Just wait for the NACC to say there are grounds,” he said Thursday.

As ever, the ball is in the puppet NACC’c court. When will it complete its “investigation” and will anything from it ever be made public?



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