Updated: Delaying tactics

28 03 2018

The Dictator has ” denied the military regime was conspiring to delay next February’s election via potential plans to submit a poll-related bill [on MPs] to the Constitutional Court for a ruling on its validity.”

The Bangkok Post reports Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is refusing to send the MP bill for royal approval while the puppet National Legislative Assembly has sent the Senators’ bill for court scrutiny.

Improbably, The Dictator and some of his minions say that sending the bills to the Constitutional Court will not further delay the “election,” now (sort of) promised for February 2019.

The two bills, the last required for the junta’s “election,” were passed by the NLA on 8 March. Three weeks later – a delay – The Dictator announces: “I don’t want to submit it for royal endorsement as long as there are still disputes…”. He may have sent the bill for “legal scrutiny” – a delay. Gen Prayuth says he will decide by 12 April what to do with the bill.

According to Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said “if the charter court rules against any of the two bills, the legislation would be dropped and the drafting process would have to start anew.” A potentially long delay. As we posted previously, it already looks like the “new date” for the junta’s “election” will be May 2019.

Update: The puppet NLA has saved The Dictator from the trouble of being seen to be delaying the “election” by completing a double backward somersault and twist by sending the MP bill to the Constitutional Court after first deciding against this.