Confirming the obvious

3 04 2018

At PPT we have been making the point for years. But if anyone didn’t think that The Dictator intended to remain prime minister for a very long time, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has now stated that “he could be ‘outsider premier’ after a general election…”.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Gen Prayuth dismissed Democrat Party “leader” Abhisit Vejjajiva’s statement that his anti-democrat party would not allow members who wanted an “outside premier.” Prayuth “urged the public to wait and see for themselves if the Democrat [Party member]s would make an about-face on the matter after the poll.”

We suspect that Prayuth understands the Democrat Party well enough. And, Abhisit can’t be trusted. He is a serial quisling when it comes to military domination of politics, having cheered two military coups.

By responding to Abhisit, Prayuth is confirming the obvious: he’s in the running and remains in high campaign mode. His party is the military, and it is working hard to ensure Prayuth’s position is safe.



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