Another case closed

5 04 2018

The junta is closing (difficult) cases faster than you can say military dictatorship. About a week ago Gen Prawit Wongsuwan declared his luxury watch “investigation” (by the puppet National Anti-Corruption Commission) was over. Nothing to see there. Case closed.

Now, within days of the issue becoming “hot,” the Bangkok Post reports that the very same Gen Prawit has declared the luxury-houses-for-the-judiciary-in-the-Chiang Mai-mountain-side-forest case closed.

The Deputy Dictator has declared that the housing being built “will be taken over for public use…”. He added that the “houses would not be demolished. They would be used in the public interest, possibly as a vacation spot, and not for judicial officials…”.

Huh? Its the “judicial officials” who are to be scapegoated?

Gen Prawit called for protesters to “end their planned to walk to Government House” over the scar on the environment.

Nothing to see there. Case closed. Well, not quite. How is it that the junta has acted so decisively on this. What’s the back story? What’s being very hastily covered up?



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