Updated: Songkhran campaigning

11 04 2018

Brief conjecture back in January was that nonagenarian Privy Council chairman and political mover-and-shaker of years gone by, Gen Prem Tinsulanonda had snubbed The Dictator and his men.

Whatever the problems was back then, the interferer is back on the job now, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha took his junta and other hangers-on over to Prem’s taxpayer funded digs for an anointing by the king-like figure who just can’t leave things alone:

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha led his cabinet ministers and military top brass to wish Privy Council president Gen Prem Tin­su­lanonda and receive his blessing at his Si Sao Theves residence on Wednesday morning.

Over-using the word “traditional,” the old man apparently agreed to boost The Dictator’s “election” campaign by commending Prayuth “for his leadership that he was confident could bring the country to peace and happiness…. He wished the prime minister to succeed in work.”

Yes, he’s said such platitudes previously, but it is a signal to Prem supporters that The Dictator is the man for the premier’s job going forward.

Update: The Bangkok Post has more details on Gen Prem’s words of support for The Dictator and his military junta. Prem reportedly said he had been “contemplating how long Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha would need to lead the nation to success” and added that he “would support him [Prayuth] all the way.”



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