Stealing an “election” IV

19 04 2018

A report at the Bangkok Post has more on the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) and its work to support the junta in stealing its own “election.”

The report states that ISOC “will step up its role over the next six months to make people understand about the upcoming election and ask them to support the polls.”

If they were telling the truth, they’d say support the junta’s preferred party/ies at the polls.

Army chief-of-staff Gen Natthapol Nakpanich, who is ISOC secretary-general added that state agencies must “raise awareness among the people about threats from distorted information spread by people with ill intentions, and drugs…”. We are not sure what drugs has to do with the “election,” but the vigilance will all be directed to political opponents.

An interesting twist to the story is the beginning of claims that the junta and ISOC will promote “an atmosphere of reconciliation …[and] a climate of justice and transparency so the election is accepted by all parties.”

The junta will claim that the election was free and fair but it can be neither as the whole process is already rigged.