The junta and the gathering of dark influences

20 04 2018

Remember all that stuff about corruption? The heroic claims about catching the corrupt when the military yet again crushed Thailand’s electoral politics in 2014. The junta’s national fairy tale on how “Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha as a PM has reformed the country to be a true democracy, eliminated corruption and used morality to lead the country to true democracy.”

But as the junta appears to be edging closer to its “election,” the folly of these claims and cover-ups of its own corruption pale as The Dictator gathers a political clique for ensuring his continued dictatorship. In establishing this “party,” the most significant move has been the defection from the Puea Thai camp of Sonthaya and Itthiphol Khunploem to the junta “party” as adviser to The Dictator and assistant to the tourism and sports minister (much to the minister’s surprise). This moves these dark influence peddlers’ political party to the military “party.”

A side benefit to this larger deal between devils sees the Probation Department publicly kowtowing to the Eastern Seaboard’s best-know dark influence, Kamnan Poh. Of course, this is Somchai Khunploem, father of Sonthaya and Itthiphol.

Having been released very early for ordering a contract killing and other convictions, Kamnan Poh is on probation. Such people usually report regularly to authorities. In this case, however, it is the Probation Department that crawls to the Kamnan’s feet in his luxury villa.

What bigger deals have been done?