Dolts as dictators

2 06 2018

We are bored with this ridiculous junta. It is so stupid, so nasty and so predictable.

Its efforts to snuff out all opposition is a part of its “election” strategy.

So it is that the police are ordered to pile charges against “an additional 41 people the military junta want charged for violating its ban on political gatherings among others.” That means 56 persons will have been charged for an event that even the dictatorship’s own fake constitution allows.

The list of those charged “includes prominent student activist Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, pro-democracy activist Pansak Srithep, taxi driver and Redshirt Paisarn Chanparn and Chananin Kongsong, a rubber farmer and former member of the People’s Committee for Absolute Democracy with the King as Head of State [PDRC].”

These are persons the military’s ISOC identifies as those with the potential to mobilize against the junta or are persons who have caused one or other of the generals to lose face.

The junta is a personalized dictatorship that will be in place for about 5 years before it allows a rigged election. It treats the whole Thai population as a land political sheep. It is run by hopelessly inadequate but remarkably self-interested dolts.